Water Scarcity In Global Warming

Global warming created scarcity of drinking water everywhere in the world. The acute problem of drinking water will create unrest in the people. It is assumed that there may be a war for water in near future. Not only the people will fight among themselves but the countries will fight for drinking water. Great mobilization of people will bound to take place all over the world to get fresh drinking water.

Very soon the available energy like petrol, diesel, and coal will exhaust, therefore the searches for natural energies like wind energy, solar energy, sea waves energy, are going fast in every country. It is a high time to use ancient aquatechnology of natural gravitational energy force to bring underground subterrian water to the surface of the ground for drinking purpose. The ancient water technology used 400 years ago at Aurangabad (India) to propel water on the surface of the ground is very much useful in the modern days. Moreover it doesn’t require any energy like petrol, diesel, coal, electricity etc. The Aurangabad aqueducts supplying drinking water since hundreds of years that too free of cost even today.